12:12 2021 Six Celestial Healing Frequencies

12:12 2021 Six Celestial Healing Frequencies

The Celestial Healers, of the High Spiritual Council, inspired Dr. Celestine Iisha Star to offer the ”12:12 2021 Six Celestial Healing Frequencies” as Celestial Healing Frequencies for the world and humanity. We send this offering into the world on 12.12.2021, the day the Celestial Gateway open and the out pouring of Love, Truth, Harmony, Balance, Compassion and Joy fill the World. Breath in the I Am, Breath out the We Are. Enjoy this Blessing.

Dr Star experienced the wonders of the Celestial Healing Frequency 279.83 when, Cosmic Celestial Healers appeared and placed her in a Crystalline Chrysalis. They imbued Star embodiment with Encoded Celestial Frequencies enabling her to hold onto her life force and heal from a life-threatening event in her life. These sacred Encoded Celestial Frequencies were brought to Earth by the Celestial Healers for the purpose of bringing forth sacred cosmic wisdom to Earth and its inhabitants. They give to those who utilize the Celestial Frequencies much needed upliftment, strength, healing on multiple levels of their beingness and nourishment for the Soul. The Six Celestial Healing Frequencies are a blessing from the Radiant One’s Sourcial emanation, as these Celestial Frequencies emanate throughout the whole of the Ssheta, Milky Way, our Solar System, which includes Earth.

The Celestial Frequencies will enable all of Humanity to fully Remember our True Nature, become Aware we are Beings of the Cosmos, and free humans on Earth to be their True Self as Celestial Beings. This Day of Radiant Wonder is part of the Reintegration of Star Kin and Earth Kin. Celestial Beings of a beneficial nature, within the multi-universe, will be available to communicate and give guidance. You have only to have the desire to reach out and connect through the heart. Those whose purpose is to remain enclosed will manifest what they need.

We wish to give honor and thanks to Jen Healy who, through working with Dr. Star’s Sourcial Complex and her own, enable Dr. Star to retrieve the total Six Celestial Healing Frequencies. Blessings to you Star Sister. More to come from our work together.

The 12:12 Gateway Portal is open for all who seek to raise their Cosmic Frequencies and Awaken to the knowledge the next Golden Age has begum. Spend time under the Stars, explore new the incredible abilities of your Light Body. Be at peace, filled with joy and bliss. The Light is Upon You. My Love is With You.

~ Celestine Iisha Star

”Glory in the Light of the Radiant One”

Executive Producer / Cosmic Celestial Healers, High Spiritual Council / Dr. Celestine Iisha Star

Media Productions Celestine Star – Artist Director/Producer / Digital Design
Sun and Al Lundell – Editing and Digital Design

Jami Deva – Music – Song “Celestine DNA”

C&P ® 2021 Celestine Star, Galactic Earth Council ~ All Rights Reserved

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