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Cranberry juice helps to lower blood pressure

A further study on the positive qualities of blueberry juice confirms its positive action also with regard to the contrast to high blood pressure. According to the researchers, consuming cranberry juice in the long term can in fact help to lower high blood pressure and can also help with the various functionalities of blood vessels.

High blood pressure is a fairly common disorder and many people suffer from it, especially after a certain age. Too high a blood pressure can in turn lead to hypertension and various functional disorders of the blood vessels, naturally at various levels of severity.

Nutrition still plays a key role in the fight against blood pressure. The latest studies have increasingly shown that it is those foods rich in polyphenols that can help combat high blood pressure, and this study, on the other hand, is no less so.

Researcher Anne Kivimäki has in fact analysed the effects of cranberry juice on rats. Specifically, she made three different groups of rats drink cold-pressed cranberry juice, cranberry juice and blackcurrant juice. The experiment lasted 8-10 weeks and all rats were genetically hypertensive.

The results showed that cold-pressed cranberry juice significantly lowered the level of hypertension. The cranberry juice itself seemed to prevent the action of genes associated with low-grade inflammation in the aorta, an effect that was less marked for other juices.

“These experimental results need to demonstrate from comparative clinical studies on healthy individuals with slightly elevated blood pressure that they received nutritional and lifestyle indications instead of drug therapy at this point. Cranberry juice is not a substitute for medication, but it is a good supplement diet,” reports Kivimäki.