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Alternatives To Smoking

These days there’s been a lot of coverage about alternatives to smoking, and fortunately, there’s a lot of substitutes for tobacco that are vastly healthier. Many of us have already heard of cigarettes and vaping, for example. While there is still research to be done on this area, it’s generally accepted that ecigarettes are much better for people than regular cigarettes, and you may be doing yourself a favor by looking into them.

For a rundown of why smoking is so harmful and the benefits of electronic cigarettes, we recommend taking a look at this article from titled “Features and negative effects of Tobacco, cigarettes, and Nicotine”. There’s an excellent list there of all the many different health problems you can have from smoking, and of course, why electronic cigarettes are awesome. 🙂

Speaking of, the website also has articles on a wide range of topics well beyond smoking.

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