Daily Horoscope & Chakra Balancing 9-23-2022

Daily Horoscope & Chakra Balancing 9-23-2022

Daily Horoscope & Chakra Balancing

Daily Horoscope will review the numerology of the day, month, and year and mash that up with a collective reading on one aspect of the multidimensional chakra system. In order to be living your purpose on Earth, you need to master consciousness at each of the 3-Human levels, your mind, your emotions, and your physical actions or choices. When these levels are not open and clear you block yourself from living your purpose. We will review one aspect each day to help you balance and align your chakras and consciousness so you can live a more full and expansive human experience.

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00:00 Intro description (CH1)
00:21 How and Why we do this (CH2)
0:59 Numerology for Today (CH3)
3:58 Collective Chakra Energy (CH4)
08:45 Closing description and call to action (CH5)
09:30 Chakra Balancing (CH6)

CHAPTER 1 Intro description
Daily Horoscope will review the numerology of the day, month, and year and mash that up with a collective reading on one aspect of the multidimensional chakra system.

CHAPTER 2 How and Why we do this
Frist, we will look at the Numerology of the month to anchor our intentions and see how we can use the energy to work with today. Second, we will look at the Multidimensional Chakra system and see what collective energy is working with us today. Third, we will move into a short chakra balancing meditation to open and work with your chakras today.

CHAPTER 3 Numerology for Today
Today is a TEST day, this is a COMPLETION month, this is a MASTER BUILDER | LOVE year. Today understand that your reality is conspiring to give you a test… Yes, just like school. In reality, you have been preparing for this test all month long and today is the day that you either pass or fail. Seriously, treat today and all of the decisions you have to make in high regard because what you are being offered, what you say yes to, and what you end up choosing is going to be a reflection of the YOU that you are choosing to move forward with. So can you really FAIL in life… the short answer is no, any choice you make is a choice to help you become more trusting in who you truly are, but certain paths can be a lot easier than others.

CHAPTER 4 Collective Chakra Energy
Collective Chakra energy Window #12 Guilt. Guilt is the physical Sacral Chakra (Relationships) meeting the emotional Sacral Chakra (Passion). When these energies meet in the SHADOW side of the multidimensional chakra grid it creates the energy and emotion of Guilt. Today welcome this energy as feelings of guilt will help you recognize where you are being tested. Is it SELF guilt is it guilt projected onto you by another? Guilt signals that you are out of alignment with your HIGHEST TRUTH or PATH… So what choices are you making that are making you feel guilty, these are the wrong choices, they are signaling that you are choosing something outside of your truth to please another person, situation, or old pattern of your own? Trust your emotions, learn from your emotions, they are powerful tools to help you understand yourself more fully.

CHAPTER 5 Closing Description & Call to Action
Come work with us personally at Root to Crown. Our community supports seekers of all levels and we have multiple tools and resources for you to us while working with your chakra system. Download the app called the Chakra Deck and take a deep dive while watching our live RAW SHAMAN content.

CHAPTER 6 Chakra Balancing Meditation
At the end of the video above around 7-minutes, you will find the Chakra Balancing meditation that puts into action all of the energies connected to today. This one lasts around 7-minutes and will take you on a visual journey to align to the stillness needed to connect to the balanced aspects of your sacral chakra. Once you align to this energy and activate the feeling states of FLOW you will then release and ACCEPT what needs to interact with you today to allow you to release the old and walk with the new.


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