Full Moon September 28th/29th – 5 Things to Know πŸŒ•

Full Moon September 28th/29th - 5 Things to Know πŸŒ•

This video will dive into the September 28th/29th, 2023, Aries Full Moon & Harvest Moon. We’ll cover the full moon astrology, the fall equinox, and season’s themes, ways to align with its energy, and at the end, I’ll share some custom full moon writing prompts!

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00:00 – Intro
01:41 – Full Moon Overview
05:21 – Aries Full Moons Explained
11:02 – What is a Harvest Moon?
11:35 – Top Transits
16:43 – Aries Full Moon Ritual Ideas
18:23 – Collective Perspective
19:58 – Aries Full Moon Journal Prompts
20:58 – Fall Equinox Livestream Details!

🀝 Collective Perspective Resources:
– VolunteerMatch https://www.volunteermatch.org
– Idealist https://www.idealist.org
– Catchafire https://www.catchafire.org/volunteer-discover/

Journal Prompts:
– In what ways have you grown into your ability to set boundaries and advocate for yourself?
– What is an area of life that you feel the most confident in?
– What is your ideal romantic evening?
– Is there anything you’re ready to release during this full moon? (This can look like limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, people, or environments that no longer serve you.)

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β†’Email: [email protected]
I do not offer astrology readings or 1-on-1 nutrition consults. Beware of scams.

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