If you’re looking for PEACE you’ll FIND IT HERE! ✨ Earth Star Chakra Activation 68.05 Hz #shorts

If you're looking for PEACE you'll FIND IT HERE! ✨ Earth Star Chakra Activation 68.05 Hz #shorts

I have composed this Earth Star Chakra Activation meditation music with a frequency of 68.05 Hz. FULL track here: https://youtu.be/tnZaTJiDe0A
This chakra exists below the feet before your root chakra and is also known as chakra number 0.

Because it exists beyond the physical human body, the earth star chakra activation is less talked about, but it is very powerful. It aligns and communicates the body and soul to the strong energies inside the planet’s magnetic core.

Earth star chakra activation has a major impact on our experience as living, breathing human beings, despite the fact that it is not located within our physical vessel.

This chakra is brown in color. When listening to earth star chakra activation music containing a frequency of 68.05 Hz, the vibrations from the sound will help to align your earth star chakra.

???? I suggest the following to get the most of this sound frequency:

– Choose a comfortable spot to lie down and relax.

– If you are able, lie flat and listen to this music through earbuds or headphones.

– You may close your eyes

– Take long slow breaths or use the box breathing meditation method https://youtu.be/Sw66KcNODJU

– Simply allow the music to guide your body and mind to the frequency response


Thank you all so much for watching.

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