(LAST TIME IN 2022) Full Super Moon Meditation ???? #shorts #supermoon

(LAST TIME IN 2022) Full Super Moon Meditation ???? #shorts #supermoon

This full super moon meditation #shorts with 528 Hz will help strengthen your positive manifestations. The full super happens overnight on August 11-12 and it is the last full supermoon of 2022.

On this same day the energy of the Lions Gate Portal 2022 winds down to a close. These next two dates give us a powerful opportunity to bring our manifestations to fruition.

????♌ Full lions gate portal 2022 video here: https://youtu.be/W7UajiItPPM

???? Use frequency 528hz for your Full Super Moon Meditation on AUGUST 12 2022 and for your Lions Gate Wind Down.

I hope you enjoy this Full Super Moon Meditation AUGUST 12 2022 Lions Gate Portal Wind Down video

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