New Moon October 14th – 5 Things to Know ✨

New Moon October 14th - 5 Things to Know ✨

This is the October 2023 New Moon & Eclipse in Libra astrology reading! In it, we’ll dive into this new moon’s top transits and explore how to embody and align with these grounding & balancing Virgo influences. Enjoy.

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????New Moon Journal Prompts:
– How do you think your loved ones would describe the nature of their friendship or relationship with you? How does that make you feel?
– What does your ideal friendship, relationship, or collaborative environment look like to you? What is hindering and what is supporting this being your reality now?
– When was the last time you experienced healthy discomfort? Why did it end up being healthy for you?
– Moving into this new lunar cycle & zodiac new year, do you have any new intentions/goals? (These goals can be new or existing and aligned with rest, personal, or professional endeavors)

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00:00 – Intro
01:36 – New Moon Astrology Explained
02:51 – Libra Solar Eclipse Explained
06:09 – Libra Eclipse Top Transits
13:15 – Aligning w/ the Libra Moon
14:20 – Libra New Moon Journal Prompts

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