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Title: Root to Crown Spirituality Membership

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We are thrilled to launch this membership platform. With content on numerology, chakras, astrology, breath work – there is truly something for anyone who is looking to expand their spiritual awareness. We believe our intuition is our most powerful gift and have cultivated courses and tools to tap back in and harness that inner power. Authenticity and resonance are at the core of this membership. Try a free month now to see what its all about!

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00:10 Example of courses CH2)
0:40 This shift is the most exciting part (CH3)

CHAPTER 1 Welcome to membership
If what you seek is seeking you, then what are you looking for?

CHAPTER 2 Course Examples
Wherever you are on your spiritual path, we have tools that will expand your repertoire! Beginner, intermediate and advance courses will take your life to a whole new level.

CHAPTER 3 The Shift
Excitement and joy awaits you!


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