State of Affairs 5 with Dr. Celestine Star 5-20-22

State of Affairs 5 with Dr. Celestine Star 5-20-22

The State of Affairs 5 with Dr. Celestine Star 5-20-22 video offers ways humanity can access the ultimate freedom, one’s mental states within, and begin to envisioning positive, beneficial states of being here on Earth, as well as magnificent manifestations for your lives. Dr. Star opens with a power song she sings in the midst of a stormy time in her life. Today with all the world chaos and confusion to sing her song, Theme from Romeo and Juliette – ”A Time for Us” hits home how important this time is on Earth for all of humanity. How we think and envision can steer Earth to a higher evolved existence, with unified conscious awareness, to a glorious future as a highly evolved race of beings living in the Ssheta, Milky Way,

Dr. Star offers information and wisdom from her life experience as a Spiritual Guide, Therapeutic Holistic Healer, Business and Life Coach, 40+ year ”InterStellar Intelligence Experiencer” and Ambassador to the High Spiritual Council and Founder of the Galactic Earth Council. Star replays the message, ”Humanity has to make the conscious leap across a great chasm in our evolutionary process.” Envisioning more consciously evolved world leaders and a more compassionate and passionately evolved world governing body that is focused in being beneficial for all sentient beings will assure that humanity continues, without hinderance, to manifest the ”New Future for Earth” as a ”Reintegrated Galactic Planet.”

We invite you to listen to Dr. Star’s dissertation on Mars, and why there is a rush for some people on Earth to get back there. Although she touches upon the subject lightly it is to still any concerns that our Space Force and other private space company’s race to go back to Mars does not take away from our pre-flood history of Earth when all Cosmic InterStellar Intelligence, including the first 12 (6 Female and 6 Male) ”Original Signature Galactic Life Forms” that was able to live in the ”Greening (3rd-Dimensional) Areas of Earth right along side other Off-Planet colonies and Extraterrestrial groupings. Star’s bottom line in the quest for mars is that Mars was colonized by groupings of Stellar Beings who, through their having ”reversed consciousness” leadership similar to what we have today, they blow out the atmosphere of Mars and was not able to live there anymore. Some were rescued and brought to the area now called the fertile crescent to begin again. She goes on the share that those who have the deep desire to go back can come from this time or the time during the Montauk Project Experiments as told in her Light Group meetings back in the 1980’s. ( In understanding some hidden wisdom about the history of Earth and Mars clarity can come to those who seek answers to why it may be very important to go to Mars and why some cults focus in on their ancestral roots. Star ends this prelude by encouraging humanity to not put such high resources in leaving Earth but rather to focus on envisioning the Earth we all need to survive, thrive and enjoy this beautiful planet of we live on, including future generations.

We hope you enjoy State of Affairs 5 and take away a very Key Factor in your life. You manifest your Life Reality in connection with the Cosmic Intelligence. It is up to everyone individually and as a Unified Humanity to envision, create and manifest our the New Future of Earth. Let us open to the benevolent InterStellar Beings, Dr. Star have been in contact with, who are waiting to offer us a peaceful joining together for the betterment of our species and all living life on Earth. You are the ”Awakened Hope For Humanity.” Begin today!

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