State of Affairs IV with Dr. Celestine Star -1 28 2022

State of Affairs IV with Dr. Celestine Star -1 28 2022

The State of Affairs IV with Dr. Celestine Iisha Star -1 28 2022 video gives up an up-to-date understanding of interesting topics from around the world. Dr. Star speaks of being cautious when one hears others state they are the ”Guardian of the World”. Rather realize, as the High Spiritual Council state, ’Take a breath and realize the power for you to take a breath is the True Guardian of the is Earth.” As Star states clearly there are so many Guardians on this Earth, as in the past and will continue in the future.

Prepare for some deep on wisdom Unity Consciousness and clarity on how not to get confused with the true and loving ancient Kemetic Mother of the World Goddess Asset when a world renown figure uses the ancient Greek name Isis, which is a slang word to describe Satan’s Bride. Star also show listeners how to do their own historical research when again targeting Kemetic Queen Nefertiti as another name for the same evil Bride of Satan and how, when doing so they will find a Queen whose reign as a Pharaoh for many years proved to be prosperous and glorious for her people. This State of Affairs IV awakens one to the deeper aspects of those who speak without true knowing of their history or the wisdom of the world. In doing this it is not to put those of ignorance down but rather to encourage to all to seek their own path of knowing and research for themselves before following blindly those who speak from the top of the world. the Ancestors are calling for truth as surely as you, Earth citizens, are calling for true guidance in a world filled with chaos.

Dr. Star continues her talk with opening the subject of UFO disclosure and how it in necessary to move beyond waiting for those in leadership with Reversed Consciousness to bring for the unfiltered truth, as it is not in their nature.

State of Affairs IV will open your eyes and heart to the blessings of our Earthly future as humanity as a whole moves ever closer to Galactichood. Our Interstellar relations are here, they never left, and the time is now for humanity to unify, elevate and prepare as the Veil of Reckoning is slowly drawn back for all to see. Dr. Star speaks of the Great Pulsing that will occur later this year, 2022, calling forth those who have awakened to their Divinity to join as one in envisioning and bringing into action goodness for Earth, our Solar System and our Ssheta (Milky Way). We learn here in State of Affairs IV the mercy of the Celestial Healers who have arrived to assist humanity and all on Earth in bring into balance and harmony the tragic occurrences of 2020 and 2021. We have all we need to transform our lives and Earth into a beautifully brilliant place to live.

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