Unblock ALL 7 Chakras PLUS Earth Star & Soul Star Chakra ✨ FULL Chakra Cleanse

Unblock ALL 7 Chakras PLUS Earth Star & Soul Star Chakra ✨ FULL Chakra Cleanse

This video; Unblock ALL 7 Chakras is composed of 7 Solfeggio frequencies for all 7 chakras plus 2 additional for the spiritual chakras the soul star chakra and earth star chakra.

Listening to frequencies to unblock all 7 chakras will help you to feel balanced and in total harmony.

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To gain maximum benefit and help unblock all 7 chakras, please listen with headphones.

Frequencies used to compose this track (paired with the energy of Koshi Chimes and Tibetan bowls)

⚫ Earth Star Chakra 68.05 Grounding
🔴 Root Chakra 396 Hz Liberation from fear and guilt
🟠 Sacral Chakra 417 Hz Facilitate change
🟡 Solar Plexus Chakra 528 Hz DNA repair
🟢 Heart Chakra 639 Hz Heal relationships
🔵 Throat Chakra 741 Hz Awaken intuition
🟣 Third Eye Chakra 852 Hz Unconditional Love
⚪ Crown Chakra 963 Hz Connect with light & spirit
🟡 Soul Star Chakra 272.2 Bridge between physical & spiritual self

I suggest the following to get the most of this sound healing:

– Choose a comfortable spot to lie down and relax.

– If you are able, lie flat and listen to this music through earbuds or headphones.

– You may close your eyes

– Take long slow breaths or use the box breathing meditation method https://youtu.be/Sw66KcNODJU

– Simply allow the music to guide your body and mind to the frequency response


I hope you enjoyed this Unblock all 7 chakras video and wish you deep relaxation and a peaceful day.

Thank you all so much for watching.

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