A New Perspective on Chakras — Root to Crown

So perhaps you’ve heard of the chakra system — a series of energetic centers within the body starting at the base of the spine and ending about 6–10 inches above the head. Hindi origin, Chakra in Sanskrit means disc or wheel. Traditionally engaged with during meditation and self awakening practices, chakras have long been studied and explored by mystics and metaphysical enthusiast alike. These energy centers are barometers of how our energetic body is experiencing life, and by extent how our entire human experience is being perceived by the self. The chakras domain is over arenas like our foundation, home and family — our relationships and sexual drive, sense of self and willpower, heart, voice, intuition and connection to greater source of life. We are all impacted by our chakras, and there is a language and by extent messages our chakras are communicating to us. 

Curious what your chakras would say if they had a voice? Check out this Chakra Oracle Deck “Pick a Card” website. Pretty sweet software really, it works with an Oracle Deck that correlates all the possible combinations of the chakra energies — 77 to be exact and a 78th card reserved for “High Self” when all is in perfect alignment. (Gold star if you draw that card!) The theology is rooted in the understanding that the chakras interact in a multidimensional web, overlapping from the past and into the future, weaving together how we think, feel and act. 

Anyone ready to scratch the surface on this whole theology? Well, as humans we have many aspects impacting our experience. There are external factors, emotional states, conditioned responses, triggers… the list goes on and on. For anyone who is committed to their conscious awakening, its a super profound exercise to peel back what is coloring your experience. We often find that we’re in our own way of experiencing bliss, joy, or contentment. Anytime we are resisting or running from the present moment — doing anything other than truly embracing and engaging with the magic of whats happening in front of our very faces — we are stuck in our own games and conditioned responses. So many citizens of this planet live in a mask of themselves! Lets take off these masks and really see who we are under there. 

A deeper dive into chakras requires looking at both the physical aspects (what we can see, feel and touch) of the chakras as well as the emotional boundaries (how we feel and our internal knowings). This combination then becomes a road map to understanding where energetic blocks or expansions are happening. 

Root Chakra Physical: Family & Foundation / Emotional: Grounding

Sacral Chakra Physical: Relationships / Emotional: Passion 

Solar Plexus Chakra Physical: Self / Emotional: Willpower 

Heart Chakra Physical: Community & Groups / Emotional: Compassion

Throat Chakra Physical: Voice / Emotional: Self Expression

Third Eye Chakra Physical: Mind / Emotional: Intuition

Crown Chakra: Physical: High Self / Emotional: Purpose 

In addition to the physical and emotional aspects, we also have the Mental field. Ah yes the ever present MIND, which can get very fixated on past experiences or project into future timelines. Take a look at these profound maps and see what emotions are resonant and what chakra they correlate to. The whole point is to see when you get trapped into patterns of the past, or pulled into attachment of the future out come.

So what to do with all this? Depends on what you’re looking for! Our mantra is intuition rules all and the magic is in the present moment. Allowing in the awareness to see areas of life differently starts as a small wave and then grows into a powerful ripple. Onward to frequency raising and collective expansion! #NewParadigm here we come.

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