Inner Abundance Convergence Breathwork and Meditation

Inner Abundance Convergence Breathwork and Meditation

Title: Inner Abundance Convergence Breathwork and Meditation

Description: These recordings come from our live event hosted the first Monday of the month at 5PST / 8EST.

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HiVIBE LIVE SESSIONS: Join these 60-minute Zoom sessions and participate live at the beginning of each month with 3 alternating sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Find inner peace while exploring personal & professional aspirations. The goal of these sessions is to relay tangible tools and techniques that will improve your ability to create the desires you seek. This is a time to learn & practice together, furthering, and developing your skills based on the monthly topic.

HiVIBE MASTERMIND: You will be guided to build a triangle connecting three themes that will open new understandings beyond the traditional construct. This creates an opportunity to expand your viewpoint past current limitations. The process involves a lecture introducing the new themes, followed by powerful breathwork, and will end with a channeled meditation gluing all pieces together. Join us on the last Monday of each month to kick off the new concept and explore how it affects you in daily life. Together we will create a community ready to affect the fabric of reality.

Root to Crown

00:00 Intro description (CH1) and Begin Breathwork
15:00 Begin Meditation (CH2)


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